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LEAP Vitamin Line

LEAP Vitamin Line was personally developed 12 years ago by Dr. Gelbard. As members of the practice will attest, LEAP supplements really make a difference in overall health and energy levels. LEAP vitamins are GMO free, purified and 95% absorbed. All patients have their vitamin levels checked with their annual executive physical blood draw. Based on those results, Dr. Gelbard will formulate a customized vitamin regimen, whch then is followed up again with blood work. Through her highly detailed attention to each individuls biochemical profile she is able to use supplements to increase energy levels, decrease autoimmune disease, decrease risk of inflammation, heart disease and stroke. 

We currently have 6 lines of supplements:


Essential  Immune Booster Packs (Main core of our program)

Vitamin D3

Power Gut Probiotics

Power Zinc


Cholest  Balance 


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